Jamilie Hassan

24 February 1996 — 21 April 1996

Castlefield Gallery’s first international exhibition venture brings Canadian artist Jamilie Hassan to Manchester for her first solo exhibition in Europe. Jamilie has exhibited widely in Canada, Mexico, Cuba and the Middle East. Her works are represented in major collections, including The National Gallery of Canada, Ottowa, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.

Her extensive travels have strongly influenced her work. This exhibition includes two installations: Si-murgh et la montagne du lotus, Chine (1993) and Seek Knowledge Even Onto China (1993-1995). Both installations make geographical and philosophical connections with West Asia and China. The 13th Century Sufi text, “The Conference of The Birds” by Farid ud Din Attar, which was the basis for an earlier installation (1992-93), also informs these installations.

Each installation builds on some of the ideas and materials found within this Sufi text, which is rich in parable and metaphor. Both utilise diverse materials: photography, marble, audio and found objects: and several languages including English, French, Persian, Arabic and Chinese are also referenced. Different methods of delivering narratives, such as letters, parables and fortune-telling are also incorporated into these highly contemplative works.