Hello Goodbye: October Castlefield Gallery Associates Session

26 October 2021 / 18:30-20:30

Our October Castlefield Gallery Associates session marks the start of a new era, as outgoing Co-ordinator Jane Lawson hands over to incoming Co-ordinator Laura Mansfield. Not only that, but this blended digital/irl session will be the first Associates session in the gallery for over eighteen months. We mark the occasion with a very special Show See Say session where members bring an actual physical piece of work into the actual physical gallery and talk about it for a quickfire five minutes. 

We hope to have a spread of members from the early days of the programme in 2012 up to members who’ve joined just recently. We invite members to either bring something they are currently working on or something that represents a significant moment that’s taken place during their time as a Castlefield Gallery Associate.

In these Covid times we are not yet going back to our near-legendary chips, dips and biscuit sculptures, but there will be the opportunity to go to a nearby hostelry after the session and mark the occasion with a drink.