Frogs, Fertility and Climate Change

11 March 2023 / 1pm - 5:30pm
Meet the frogs – 1pm – 4pm
Join us at the gallery between 1pm and 4pm with Matthew O’Donnell assistant curator of herpetology at Manchester Museum. Drawing on themes of frogs and fertility in Tales of the Frozen Bits, Matthew will be bringing a mixture of frogs and amphibians to the gallery for visitors to interact with and learn more about the Museum’s research into climate change, breading and frog fertility. It will be a drop in event throughout the afternoon.

Talk with Dr Lottie Hosie and Matthew O’Donnell – 4.30pm – 5.30pm

At 4.30pm we will be hosting a talk with Matthew and Dr. Lottie Hosie a researcher at Chester University looking in particular at the sexual behaviour of amphibians. Matthew and Lottie will be discussing their shared research and knowledge of frogs, fertility and mating behaviours. If you would like to attend the talk please book your free ticket here


Image: El Morgan, Tale of the Frozen Bits, video still, 2022.