Demystifying Copyright with DACS

30 November 2021 / 18.30

For CG Associates members only

Navigating copyright can be confusing, so it’s important to know your rights and understand how to protect your work. Join us on zoom as we talk with Danielle Ransome Artists’ Services Manager and Reema Selhi Head of Policy and International from DACS and get to grips with copyright.

In this introductory talk Danielle and Reema will help attendees:

  • Develop an understanding of copyright and what is considered copying, as well as the exemptions for fair dealing, gaining the confidence to apply this to your art career.
  • Learn how to protect your rights in a range of scenarios – including when working in collaboration or creating work under employment, exploring questions of joint authorship.
  • Find out what to do when your work is copied without your permission
  • Develop an understanding of the language of contracts “assignment”, “license” and other key things to look out for.
  • Learn how to earn from licensing and other royalty schemes.

About DACS

DACS is a flagship organisation that campaigns for artists’ rights, championing their sustained and vital contribution to the creative economy. Find out more in the Manifesto for Artists.

They provide practical advice and support for artists on everything from signing a contract to what to do if someone has used your work without your permission. They offer a number of services to support artists.

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