‘Changing Tack’ – Jill Randall & Roxy Walsh

8 June 1990 — 21 July 1990

During the city’s Olympic Festival Castlefield Gallery is showing the work of two Manchester artists, painter Roxy Walsh and sculptor, Jill Randall. The festival is a celebration of Manchester as an Olympic city and it is appropriate that Castlefield should turn the spotlight on two Manchester artists who, in quality and range, can vie with the best of their international counterparts.

The title, ‘Changing Tack’, has a nautical ring, and much of the work shares a nautical theme- Roxy Walsh’s luminous shore paintings and Jill Randall’s submerged and drowned forms in plaster and mixed media.

‘Changing Tack’ also means a shift in direction. It is to be hoped that the exhibition leads to a wider appreciation of an indigenous and homegrown art movement. The sea change would be welcome.