Castlefield Gallery Launch

17 March 1984

The Castlefield Gallery, Manchester’s new contemporary art venue, will open on March 20th 1984. Situated in the heart of the city, less than one mile from Manchester’s two main railway stations, Castlefield Gallery is committed to showing the best of contemporary painting and sculpture. By combining in its exhibition programme the work of leading British artists with work of quality being produced in the region, the gallery can both bring important work into Manchester and spotlight exciting work which is already here.

Our opening exhibition ‘John Hoyland: Recent Paintings’ brings to Manchester for the first time a one-man show by this internationally recognised painter. It will run from March 20 to April 22. Hoyland’s current paintings often employ deep chromatic fields upon which he imposes tough planes and figurations. A high point of interest of course, remains his uncompromised colour, and the current works are particularly successful in this respect. The three very large canvases on show are pendented by a number of smaller, more intimate pieces.

The initiation of the Castlefield Gallery marks the beginning of a new commitment to visual art in the region – an interest that will be followed up in 1985 when Manchester’s long-awaited complex for contemporary visual arts will open. Castlefield Gallery’s raison d’etre however remains distinct and we believe it will prove to serve a vital complementary role to the Arts Centre, since the Castlefield is run independently by the Manchester Artists’ Studio Association who are, crucially, artists themselves.

Come to the Press View of the exhibition on Monday March 19 at 5pm (or earlier by appointment). See the paintings, meet John Hoyland and enjoy free food and wine.