Castlefield Gallery Associates Crits

26 March 2024 / 6.30pm - 8.30pm

This event is for Castlefield Gallery Associates only.

Exploring the Critical Response Process and Rose Thorn Bud 

This March, Castlefield Gallery invites Associates to take part in group crits that will make use of two different approaches: Critical Response Process and Rose Thorn Bud. Both approaches have a different flavour, and through the session members will be able to explore when each might be useful to them.

The session will be led by artist Jane Lawson (also Castlefield Gallery’s Artist Environmental Lead and previously the gallery’s Artist Development Producer) and hosted by Jamie Allan, the gallery’s Artist Development and Creative Communities Producer.

More on the session:

Through the supportive structure of its four core steps, the Critical Response Process combines the power of questions with the focus and challenge of informed dialogue, offering makers an active role in the critique of their own work. The Critical Response Process instils ways of thinking, communicating and being that can be invaluable for creative practice. Participating in the session without sharing your work can be just as productive as having your work actively critiqued.

The Critical Response Process takes around 1-hour to work through and is often used by artists as a means to facilitate peer support groups and you can read more about it here

Rose Thorn Bud is a lighter touch process and takes approximately 30 minutes to work through. It is a process that generates feedback given in three stages:
– Rose: what is blossoming in the work?
– Thorn: what is snagging – or not doing what the artist is intending?
– Bud: what is waiting to show itself?

If you are interested in your work being the focus of either session, please let us know by emailing no later than 5pm on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Please state which crit you would like to propose your work be the focus of – the Critical Response Process, or Rose Thorn Bud. We will take a first come first served approach in both cases.

A further 20 Castlefield Gallery Associates can register to take part in the session as the responders.
To book: Please follow the link in the latest Associates events mail-out

Please note, due to the nature of the session capacity will be limited so book as soon as you can.

Jane Lawson will support all involved through the process, start to finish. She is experienced in leading Critical Response Process sessions, having used the framework in her artist development work for the gallery on past projects.

The session will be an opportunity to learn about the Critical Response Process and Rose Thorn Bud as a process, getting to grips with them, and for all those attending to feel confident using it in their own practices.

Image: SHOW SEE SAY with Will Marshall at Castlefield Gallery. Photographed by Hamza Asim