Bob and Roberta Smith in conversation with Professor David Wilson

24 May 2014 / 2-4pm

Bob and Roberta Smith will discuss his approach to curating the Snail Porridge exhibition with Professor of Criminology David Wilson.

As an advocate for penal reform, Wilson will look at the wider socio-political issues surrounding arts education and awards for prisoners with Bob and Roberta Smith, who is a long-standing champion for arts education.

David Wilson is Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University.  A former Prison Governor, he is an acknowledged expert on prisons and imprisonment, and is the Vice Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform.  He has presented various series and one off documentaries for the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 as one of the country’s leading experts on murder and serial murder, most recently Killers Behind Bars (Ch 5 2013).  His latest book is Pain and Retribution: A Short History of British Prisons (Reaktion 2014).