ASDOE: A Discussion

16 November 2013 / 1-2m
‘The Author is Suggesting that During the Ottoman Empire…’ (ASDOE) is a long-term project by Darren Murphy and is presented for the first time as part of Launch Pad: Manchester School of Art 2013. Murphy has enlisted a group of Artist Assistants that respond to a set of instructions and engage with visitors to the gallery over the 10 day period of the exhibition, which continues until Sun 10 Nov.
ASDOE: A Discussion, a public discussion attempting to evaluate the project, comes after the first presentation of ASDOE and the publishing of all documentation on Documentation such as the project outline; instructions devised for Artist Assistants; communication between Castlefield Gallery and Murphy, Artist Assistants and Murphy; and any recordings made of discussions about the project.
Images of the work carried out by Artist Assistants will be on display during the discussion that reviews the experiences Assistants have had. The discussion will also allow Murphy to elaborate on his ambitions for ASDOE.

Please note: this event will take place at Malgras | Naudet, Crusader Mill, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2WH.