Artists’ Survival: Interview with Billy Childish

18 March 2011 / 14:00 - 16:00

Ian Hunter Director, Littoral Trust will interview artist, poet, photographer and musician Billy Childish on working and living as an artist today.

More on: Billy Childish is a cult figure in America, Europe and Japan. A poet, musician and painter in 1999 Childish alongside Charles Thomson founded the Stuckism movement.

More on: Littoral is a non-profit arts trust which promotes new creative partnerships, critical art practices and cultural strategies in response to issues about social, environmental and economic change. This project is about the recovery, documentation and restoration of Kurt Schwitters last Merzbau project; the Elterwater Merzbarn, and the international fundraising campaign that is intended to pay for vital restoration work and sustain the development of the project in the longer term.

To book please call the gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email with your contact details and number of places.