30 April 2014 / 18:30-20:30


NB This session will take place at Federation House

April CG Associates sesson: discussion-based session, based around the theme of The Value of Work.

Sam Meech will be giving a brief introduction to his Punchcard Economy project, and there’ll be a chance to talk about the practicalities of getting paid as an artist – how can we make sure we get properly paid? How can we combat the increasing problem of people asking artists to work for nothing? When if ever is it alright to work for free? And how do we value our own work?

We’ll also be looking at how work is manifested in art; for some artists, the act of producing the artwork is part of the artwork itself. When is this interesting and when is it a substitute for a lack of ideas? Why are we so interested in seeing process, and what can process tell us?