About Castlefield Gallery

Since its founding in 1984 by artists, Castlefield Gallery (CG) has been one of Northern England’s most active and successful organisations/agencies for developing emerging contemporary artists and practice. Its ambitious curated exhibitions programme responds to national and international trends, promoting artists at key stages of their careers, including subsequent Turner Prize nominees/winners and exhibitors at international festivals. Central to CG’s activities is an artist development programme that has launched major commission winning artists.

Castlefield Gallery’s vision is for the North to be a place where artists can live and produce work, while presenting their work in national and international contexts. Its mission is to nurture talent, explore cultural trends and deepen audience’s relationship to contemporary art.

CG is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts (2012-14) and is a cultural partner of Manchester City Council (2012-15). CG is a limited company (Reg. No. 1838334)  and registered charity (No. 515571) that owns its city centre venue thanks to Arts Council England’s capital lottery funding in 2000.

On 9 August 2012, CG re-launched with a renewed vigour for artist development. The past 2 years or so have been a crucial period of CG’s re-development – its strategy and plans have been updated; it has invested in minor refurbishment to unlock its building assets, e.g. in converting its meeting room into a rentable office and improving its galleries to gain short-term space hires; and it is currently rebuilding this website that incorporates – the contemporary art listings site that CG initiated in 2005 to promote artist-led and independent public facing exhibitions and events on the same platform as the institutions.

Team CG has rediscovered the entrepreneurial spirit that started Castlefield Gallery in 1984, when artists and art lovers got together to build a gallery to showcase emerging contemporary artists. The fundraising auction in May 2012 auction demonstrated the incredible support that CG has from artists, the arts community and art buyers, in raising ground-breaking sales of £33,000 towards its future plans for talent development. CG extends a huge thank you all the artists who donated work, helped out in the build up to and at the event, and especially to artist Pavel Buchler who gave advice and time to be the auctioneer, and also to gallery director Stephen Snoddy (New Art Gallery Walsall) and to DJ and writer Dave Haslam.

Team CG looks forward to working with many more artists and welcoming visitors to its venue.