September Castlefield Gallery Associates Session: Show See Say II

24 September 2019 / 18:30-20:30

For Castlefield Gallery Associates members only.

Show See Say is a regular event in the Castlefield Gallery Associates programme, providing members with the chance to present their work, test ideas and get critical feedback within a supportive group of peers. For this session we’ll be having short presentations and Q&As with Jack Brown, Nicola Ellis and Marie Young.

Jack Brown is a socially engaged artist working across a range of mediums. His work articulates or allows instances of linkage, observation, rumination or pause. He creates projects and events that bring people together through making or thinking collectively.

Brown’s work looks at the overlooked, things that should be given more than a passing glance, moments that would benefit from magnification. Often as a counterbalance to direct interactions that punctuate his socially engaged practice, his work plays with ideas of placement, slightness, observation and distant collaborations. His practice can be seen as an investigation into ways of making and how those made objects or moments interact with the world around them.

Nicola Ellis is interested in the properties, value, function and circulation of materials. With a current focus on metals and the companies that work with them, her work draws on the visual and spoken language of industry operations, fabrication and profiling processes. The parameters for her sculpture, installation, drawings and videos include relationships between people, businesses and technology.

Ellis is currently undertaking the project Return to Ritherdon which is built around a two-year residency at Ritherdon & Co Ltd, a manufacturer of metal enclosures based in Darwen. During this project she will study the ecosystem of the Ritherdon factory and its associated business operations. New works and methodologies will be informed by studying the application of Lean Manufacturing philosophy and contextualised by research into the Artist Placement Group activity. Most importantly, the project will facilitate situations in which an artist and manufacturer can witness each other work in the factory, local community, studio and gallery, identifying, investigatng and utilising their similarities and differences for the benefit of both parties.

With excitement and ushering hands, Kochi Kochi translates from Japanese slang as a polite way of saying ‘Come over here and have a look at this!’. Enthusiasm for surprises inspired Marie Jones to adopt it as the moniker and motive for her ideas-led contemporary art practice.

Marie has always had a curiosity for these KOCHI KOCHI moments and our gut reactions to them. They are unexpected and carry great significance to want to share them with others. Recontextualising traditional domestic craft techniques, Marie uses scale and vivid colours to augment and communicate these curious narratives through her work.

Marie is currently working towards her inaugural solo show Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic as part of this year’s Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival at Warrington Museum & Gallery as well as the opening of Ride Your Pony No.03, an annual international group exhibition and residency that Marie organises and curates.

This session is part of our regular Castlefield Gallery Associates programme; for more information about the scheme and info on how to join, see