Logical Song – Closing Party

1 March 2024 / 6-8pm

Join us for the last chance to experience Logical Song in full effect, with smoke machines operating in the gallery! Artists Rowland Hill and Kate Paul will also each read a text that they have written to accompany the exhibition.

No booking required, just come along!

Logical Song is Rowland Hill’s first major solo exhibition. Exploring the aesthetics of 1990s Eurodance music, club culture and local fairgrounds, Hill transforms Castlefield Gallery into an immersive installation which sits between an attraction and an exhibition. Visitors are invited to enter spaces that move them from the private and domestic to the theatrical and communal, embarking them upon a destabilising journey through a fantasised past to a darker, speculative future.

Rowland Hill (b.1989) creates experiences that play with the artifice, tension and vulnerability inherent to live performance and its stagecraft, sometimes with an unsettling or ambivalent outcome.

She frequently works collaboratively and across a range of media, especially film and video, live performance, installation, sound, collage and experimental event formats. Much of her work deals with absence and presence, and relies upon audiences to engage in processes of speculation and imaginative projection, often within an interdisciplinary environment that draws on her background studying and working in theatre, film and music contexts.

Kate Paul is an artist from Manchester. Her work with text, publishing and performance has been exhibited / published with Fieldnotes, Presse Books, Hot Potato Magazine, Phytology and Conditions. In 2023 she was a recipient of a Shady Dealings with Language grant.

Image: Rowland Hill, It’s a Fine Day I (2024)