Walking Tour with independent curator and writer Tom Emery, and Castlefield Gallery curator Matthew Pendergast

11 May 2019 / 2pm-4pm

Join independent Curator Tom Emery, and Castlefield Gallery Curator Matthew Pendergast for a walking tour around Manchester city centre. Starting in the atrium of Manchester Art Gallery, the tour will begin with a discussion on the evolving nature of museum and gallery architecture. From there the conversation will open up to highlight elements of architecture and art in the public realm that tell the story of the city – past, present, and future. Particular attention will be paid to what are sometimes less visible references in the city, including to those that are both political and philosophical, as well as literary references. The tour will finish with an introduction to the UnDoing exhibition at Castlefield Gallery.

£12 / book at Eventbrite

Image courtesy Sally Stone