The Critical Response Process

6 September 2022 / 18.30

For Castlefield Gallery Associate Members only

A group crit for Castlefield Gallery Associate Members following Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process. Through the supportive structure of its four core steps, the Critical Response Process combines the power of questions with the focus and challenge of informed dialogue, offering makers an active role in the critique of their own work. Having been introduced to Lerman’s method through an event in May,  we will be hosting another evening session.

The Critical Response Process requires both individuals who wish to have their work critiqued and participants to contribute to, and engage with, the discussion (without gaining feedback on their own practice). The approach instills ways of thinking, communicating and being that can be invaluable for creative practice, as such, participating in the session without sharing your work can be just as productive an experience as having your work actively critiqued.

The Critical Response Process has been consistently used by artists as a means to facilitate peer support groups. You can read the resources Chloe Cooper, (an artist who has regularly contributed  to Castlefield’s various artist development programmes) has developed around artists peer support groups here