‘New Art North West 1991’ – Rodney Dickson, Fiona Moate, Lawrence Elliot & Robin Blackledge

21 July 1991 — 31 August 1991

New Art North West ’91 promises to be one of the most exciting regional exhibitions to date. The fact that it embraces such a diversity of art supports claims of a new dynamism in the region and a definite trend towards new artists moving into the North West. During the last nine months in Manchester alone there has been an increase of over 80% of new group studios.

The Castlefield Gallery takes particular delight in seeing the realisation of this exhibition since it was our gallery that made the initial approach to The Cornerhouse suggesting a regional collaboration.

The artists selected to show at The Castlefield include Rodney Dickson, Laurence Elliot and Fiona Moate. Rodney’s paintings address the injustices and indignities of our society. The most recent work focuses on the artist’s response to The Gulf War. He uses a variety of materials and a very personal language to create angst-ridden images that challenge and disturb the viewer. These paintings will be on show in the basement gallery.

Fiona Moate and Laurence Elliot deal with their subject matter in a quieter and more restrained manner. Both of these artists have derived their inspiration from childhood memories.

Fiona Moate’s atmospheric paintings recall the landscapes of Goole. The most recent work ‘The Riverside Garden Series’ explore a small area beside the river Ouse depicting ‘Mysterious Edwardian villas, fast moving water glimpsed through screens of poplars, stained glass windows, or through barred gates.’

Laurence Elliot’s installations grow out of a sense of place. The most recent pieces are built out of reclaimed timber. The work in this exhibition is conceived in response to qualities of light and peace in the gallery. The artist’s concerns-the passing of time, the accumulation of memories and the weight of the past are conveyed by the strong physical presence of the work.

New Art North West ’91 is a collaboration between the Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool, The Cornerhouse, Castlefield Gallery and The Chinese Art Centre, Manchester.