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In developing a place lived, Maddi Nicholson has mined census and archive materials, and worked with teams of specialists up and … Read more

Celebration Day: a place lived

20/07/2019 / 2pm-5pm

Join artist Maddi Nicholson and the team to hear first-hand about the works, the heritage of the site, and explore … Read more

Art & Heritage Walking Tour: a place lived

20/07/2019 / 2pm-3:30pm

A free art and heritage walking tour. Read more

Public Preview: a place lived

19/07/2019 / 5pm-6.30pm

This summer Spinningfields Estates Ltd in partnership with Castlefield Gallery, will launch an engaging public art commission for Spinningfields’ Hardman … Read more

A Horse walks into a Bar

18/06/2010 / 13:00 - 18:00

Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition A Horse walks into a Bar including work by Corey Arnold, Richard Billingham, Andrew Bracey, Lorraine Burrell, Maddi Nicholson, Dan Staincliffe, Chiz Turnross, UHC and Mark Wallinger. Using a range of media such as video, painting, photography, sculpture and performance, the artists playfully examine the parameters of human and animal characteristics and question the evolution of the human race.

Some of the work blurs the boundaries between nostalgia and abhorrence, referencing the use of animals in the entertainment industry, whilst other work references animals in heraldic, mythological stories. Conventions in visual art practice are also deliberated, highlighting the inter-dependence of living beings in a contemporary world, these range from the allegorical use of animals in traditional regal portraiture to other works that alter our perception of sculpture by fusing animal imagery with mass produced objects.

The exhibition can be seen as reflective of our increasingly uneasy relationship with the natural world that is tainted with confusion, contradiction and confrontation and will oscillate between the playful, sinister, surreal and controversial. Co-curated by Castlefield Gallery staff and Jane Anderson.

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