Vanessa Jackson & Hamish McLennan


Vanessa Jackson often sounds more like a sculptor than a painter when talking about her own work. She refers to ‘whittling away’, ‘carving out’, and ‘polishing into existence’, when describing how the dynamic shapes evolve. She enjoys doing woodblock prints for the reason that in these, the compositions really can be carved out.

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‘New York Thoughts’ – Fabian Peake


The New Year starts at the Castlefield Gallery with an exhibition of recent work by Fabian Peake, entitled “New York Thoughts”, which runs from the 10th January – 16th February 1986.

These brightly and imaginatively coloured paintings and gouaches were inspired by the artist’s recent visit to the States.

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‘Sculptures’ – Jeff Lowe


The most striking feature of Jeff Lowe’s work is his interest in African carvings, which he esteems as some of the most remarkable sculptures ever produced. He is strongly influenced by it’s formal language: the subtle shifting angles, the inclination of figure pieces, the precise definition of levels and the contrast between the lavish decoration and solidity of such art works.

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‘Sculpture & Drawings’ – Michael Lyons & Brian Fell


This exhibition at the Castlefield Gallery brings together work by two sculptors with close associations with each other, and with the city of Manchester.

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Marilyn Hallam, Geoff Hollow & Paul Tonkin


The next exhibition at Castlefield gallery is running from 22 November to 21 December, features the work of three artists, whose very different approaches to painting will produce an interesting and challenging show.

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‘Recent Painting’ – Mali Morris


This exhibition at Castlefield Gallery brings recent work of the highly regarded painter Mali Morris to the North West.

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Nigel Mullan, Gillian Ord & Andy Thomson


The autumn exhibition at Manchester’s Castlefield Gallery, running from 11 October until 16 November, features new work by three young British artists- sculptor Nigel Mullan and painters Gillian Ord and Andy Thomson.

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‘Painting, Drawings & Gouaches’ – Patrick Heron


The forthcoming show at the Castlefield Gallery features the work of PATRICK HERON CBE… internationally recognised painter, and widely respected critic, writer and lecturer on contemporary art.

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‘New Paintings’ – Gary Wragg


The next exhibition at the Castlefield Gallery brings work by the highly regarded London-based painter GARY WRAGG back to Manchester.

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‘Children’s Paintings’


From Thursday 18th October there will be not one but two exhibitions at the Castlefield Gallery. Work from a series of children’s workshops held in the gallery in September will be on show in the gallery until Wednesday 24th October, alongside paintings by artists Tricia Gillman and Sarah Feinmann.

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