‘Jolly Peril Paradise’ A Slidex Group Show curated by Richard Kendall


This exhibition brings together painting and sculpture by ten young artists working in the North West, chosen from more than 250 practitioners represented in Slidex. Though different in many aspects of their craft and practice, the selected artists share a witty, ironic or subversive approach to their chosen imagery.

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‘Recursion’ – Shirley Diamond


A sequence of sculptural elements using wax, paper, map pins and steel combine to form the floor and wall based sculpture ‘Recursion’ by Manchester based artist Shirley Diamond.

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‘Aimee In Galashiels’ – Mikey Cuddihy


Doodles made while talking on the telephone are the starting point for Mikey Cuddihy’s new abstract paintings.

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‘Domestic Shruberry’ – Daphne Wright


Daphne Wright is a Research Fellow at the Fine Art Department of Manchester Metropolitan University, a post funded by the Henry Moore Foundation. In 1993, Daphne Wright was commissioned to produce a work for the Diaspora Project. This ongoing initiative, funded by the Irish Arts Council, selects Irish artists living abroad to produce works on the theme of emigration. This is the first showing of ‘Domestic Shrubbery’ in England.

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‘Private Lives. Public Places’ – Andrew Parsons


Vibrant scenes of contemporary urban life are portrayed in Andrew Parson’s new paintings. Witty and mundane stories unravel against a cityscape backdrop of high-rise flats and shopping centres.

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‘Diverse City’ Architecture Towards a New Manchester


“Cities ought to be places of culture, civilised and enlightened, but also lively and diverse, even fun. Manchester cannot afford not to invest in culture, in street life, and in the public realm. Investing in culture is investing in urban life”. (Manchester First, Manchester City Council Arts and Cultural Strategy; Urban Cultures 1992.)

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Zadok Ben-David


As part of 10th Birthday Celebrations and City of Drama ’94, Castlefield Gallery brings sculpture by Zadok Ben-David to Manchester for the first time. The exhibition combines pieces last seen in Germany and Los Angeles with exciting new work that have not been shown before.

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‘Painted Perceptions’ – Peter Lewis, Danny Markey, Liam Spencer, Robert Welch & Thomas Watt


The rooftops of Ardwick are not everyone’s idea of an inspiring subject for a work of art. However, with the help of a little sunshine and a painter’s touch, this unpromising material is transformed into vivid celebration of colour and light in Liam Spencer’s painterly interpretations of 90’s Manchester.

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Bridget Riley


Paintings from the 1980’s to 1994 by one of the UK’s foremost international artists explore the primary sensations of colour and light in an ever changing natural world in this, Bridget Riley’s first solo exhibition in the North West for twenty years.

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‘Paintings, Drawings & Prints’ – Tim Hyman


As a painter, writer, lecturer and exhibition organiser, Timothy Hyman has done much over the last decade to revive interest in narrative painting.

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