‘The Fitting’ – Nicky Bird


Nicky Bird’s work is a form of retrieval with the starting point being an original or found photograph, whether in a book, a museum collection or a family snap. She is interested in how documentary photography, whether by accident or design, catches and preserves the peripheral.

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‘Paintings’ – Peter Seal


This exhibition provides the first opportunity to review the work of Manchester based painter Peter Seal who has been practising in the region since 1982.

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‘Better After Death’ – Roxy Walsh


Opening at Castlefield Gallery on Friday 23 January, is an exhibition of new work by Roxy Walsh. Following on from recent exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle and Globe Gallery, North Shields, this exhibition is being shown simultaneously at the Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York.

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‘Horticulture Part One: Discount Flights’ – Clare Charnley


Horticulture Part 1 & 2 by Clare Charnley is a collaborative project between Castlefield Gallery and Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery.

The exhibition juxtaposes seemingly unrelated objects and materials including rose briars, electric cabling and lawyer’s sealing wax to explore relationships between culture and nature.

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‘Empiric’ – Rachel Chapman


‘Empiric’ presents the work London based sculptor Rachel Chapman. Chapman has a unique approach to manipulating her chosen materials, a personalised style of manufacture, which combines the cool authority of formal symmetry, with a passionate and brutal organisation and filling of space.

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‘Video Positive 97: Escaping Gravity’


The UK’s biggest ever festival of video and electronic art. Spanning two cities, a host of contemporary arts venues and both Liverpool and Manchester’s most celebrated night clubs, VIDEO POSITIVE showcases the work of international established artists and introduces a number of rising stars.

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Felicity Shillingford & Sarah Raine


On display in the lower gallery small scale works for sale by two North West artists, selected from Slidex, Castlefield Gallery’s visual library of NW based practitioners.

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‘Dummy’ – Richard Forster, Ana Genovés, Clifton Steinberg


Curated by Richard Forster, ‘Dummy’ represents recent work by three young, London-based artists working in the separate media of painting, photography and sculpture.

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‘Lightness & Weight’ – Rebecca Sitar


“The function of the artist is to express a reality felt” Robert Motherwell.

Sitar’s paintings act directly on our sensory experiences. Her abstract imagery is at times shown as ‘a blurred expression’, suggesting s rare glimpse of a moment caught in passing.

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‘Stroke’ – John Rimmer


‘Stroke’ is a new series of paintings by Manchester based artist John Rimmer, which seek to reflect his experiences of operating in frenetic city centres and the modern shopping environment.

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