PureScreen #25: Among the Nightingales

07/04/2011 / 18:00 - 20:00

Film and Video Programme: Among the Nightingales

First screened as part of Tatton Park Biennial 2010. www.tattonparkbiennial.org


Mounira Al Solh – Lebanon/Netherlands

Jordan Baseman – UK

Oliver Beer – UK

Nina Beier & Marie Lund – Denmark/Germany/UK

Samson Kambalu – UK/Malawi

Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry – UK/Sweden

Ján Mančuška – Czech Republic

Matt Stokes – UK

Pablo Wendel – Germany

Among the Nightingales brings together 9 single channel film and video works by international artists. The works use human relationships and the individual’s existence in relation to wider social groups as their point of departure. The groups are driven by ethereal, social, ideological, or political incentives that sit uncomfortably with mainstream, dominant culture. The artists use a variety stylistic methods in documenting and post-producing; some of the artists document actions performed specifically for the camera, whilst others orchestrate scenarios for individuals to participate in, deliberating the use of film as a constructed narrative and subverting our preconceptions of it.

Free/Booking recommended. To reserve a place please call the gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email events@castlefieldgallery.co.uk with your contact details and number of places.

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Kurt Schwitters in the North West

26/03/2011 / 10:00 - 17:00

Merzman Conference

Location: Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD.

An international conference about Kurt Schwitters and his legacy in the North of England featuring artists, academics, arts professionals including Clarissa Corfe, Curator, Castlefield Gallery, who will speak about the BORN AFTER 1924 exhibition and publication within the historical contexts of Dadaism and Constructivism.

For a list of other speakers please visit www.merzman.co.uk

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Artists’ Survival: Interview with Billy Childish

18/03/2011 / 14:00 - 16:00

Ian Hunter Director, Littoral Trust will interview artist, poet, photographer and musician Billy Childish on working and living as an artist today.

More on: Billy Childish is a cult figure in America, Europe and Japan. A poet, musician and painter in 1999 Childish alongside Charles Thomson founded the Stuckism movement.

More on: Littoral is a non-profit arts trust which promotes new creative partnerships, critical art practices and cultural strategies in response to issues about social, environmental and economic change. This project is about the recovery, documentation and restoration of Kurt Schwitters last Merzbau project; the Elterwater Merzbarn, and the international fundraising campaign that is intended to pay for vital restoration work and sustain the development of the project in the longer term.


To book please call the gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email events@castlefieldgallery.co.uk with your contact details and number of places.

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Notational Portrait(s) Performance


Notational Portrait(s) Performance

Fig.1 Billy Childish, 18032011, Castlefield Gallery

by Mike Chavez-Dawson assisted by Jake Geczy

Notational Portraits* was a performance in which Mike Chavez-Dawson drew 100 portraits throughout the duration of Billy Childish’s talk at Castlefield Gallery. Using a Biro pen each portrait – taking exactly 30 seconds to complete -features a key artist and cultural figure that has had an influence on Chavez-Dawson’s practice.

During the ‘performative documentation’, Jake Geczy scanned each of the drawings and at the end of the performance the drawings were for sale at a nominal fee/donation of 1 pound per drawing. All proceeds were donated to the host venue, in this case Castlefield Gallery.

The scanned drawings will then be dropped into a design template in chronological order and will form the design of a limited edition print, which will be available in variable formats; digital, silkscreen and laser etching.

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Artist David Medalla in conversation with Kwong Lee

10/03/2011 / 18:00 - 20:00

The Spirit of MERZ: an interview and presentation by international artist David Medalla with Kwong Lee.

More on: David Medalla was born in Manila, Philippines in 1942 and is a pioneer of kinetic, land and live art. His work ranges from sculpture and kinetic art to painting, installation and performance art. He lives and works in London, New York and Paris.

To see more images of the conversation event with David Medalla at Castlefield Gallery on Thursday 10 March 2011 please visit our Flickr site

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Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Trash Head, 1999



Artists: Ingo Gerken and invited artists: Matti Isan Blind, Madeleine Boschan, Rainer Ganahl, Antonia Low, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Reto Pulfer and Gregor Schneider.

Castlefield Gallery is proud to present BORN AFTER 1924, a project by German artist Ingo Gerken. Interpreting the contemporary legacy of the Merzbarn and Kurt Schwitters(1) in the UK, Castlefield Gallery has invited Gerken to respond to Schwitters’ Merz Magazine (issue 8/9) of 1924 called Nasci. The theme of the magazine, Nasci(2), meaning ‘being born’ or ‘becoming’, was co-edited with Russian Constructivist artist El Lissitzky(3) forging an alliance of Dadaist and Constructivist ideals and included reproductions and texts by Vladimir Tatlin, George Braque, Man Ray, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich and Mies van der Rohe among others.

Often referring to his work as ‘activating’ art-historical contexts, Gerken is interested in the porosity of imagined and real spaces, their construction, flexibility and weight. BORN AFTER 1924 will become a group show and a site-specific manifestation of Gerken’s shifting and re-arranging of the contexts of Dada, Merz and the Nasci issue of 1924 itself. A re-edited and updated version of the historic avant-garde magazine will be published to accompany the resulting group show. The exhibition will become a physical manifestation of Gerken’s collages that will include other invited artists, from the UK and Germany as ‘articulations’ or ‘punctuations’ of his own practice. The exhibition will transform the gallery and represent a condensation of Gerken’s diverse and playful art practice drawing on some of sensibilities of Schwitters’ work.

(1)Kurt Schwitters’ (1887–1948) Merzbarn is located in a remote woodland in Cumbria and stands much as he left it incomplete after his death in 1948. After considerable discussions about its future which involved the British pop artist Richard Hamilton the surviving Merzbarn wall was removed for safe keeping and presented by its owner, Harry Pierce to Newcastle University Hatton Gallery in 1965, where it is now on public view. The Merzbarn building itself still survives and contains evidence of Schwitters’ original working methods and materials.

(2)Nasci is the Latin word for ‘nature’, ‘being born’ and ‘becoming’.

(3)El Lissitzky (1890 – 1941) was a Russian Constructivist designer and artist.

BORN AFTER 1924 is kindly supported by Atlas Bar; Manchester, Barefoot Wines and Mint Hotel; Manchester.

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BORN AFTER 1924 Launch Party & Mini MERZ Kabaret

17/02/2011 / 21:00 - 23:00

Location: Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LY

Celebrate the launch of BORN AFTER 1924 and Merzman at our after party with a live performance of Schwitters Ursonate sound poem by musician/composer Florian Kaplik and guests.

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Ingo Gerken Talk – Tuesday Talks at The Whitworth Art Gallery

15/02/2011 / 11:00 - 12:30

Venue The Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester.manchesterarthistory.com

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